Why I Chose World Nomads Travel Insurance…


If you have ever tried to purchase travel insurance (especially for a longstay trip) you will feel my pain. Insurance is one of the most important things to tick off of your pre-travel checklist however, where do you even begin? There are SO many different … Continue reading

Rishikesh at its Finest…


Around seven hours North of Delhi lies Rishikesh, a holy city renowned for its relaxation, yoga, meditation, awe-inspiring Himalayan landscape and unmissable centerpiece – the river Ganges. Although Rishikesh is a small city in comparison to its humongous, bustling counterparts, there … Continue reading

A Night ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ at The Mad Hatter Bar, Oxford


I love anything and everything with a bit of quirkiness to it. Therefore, whilst searching for somewhere a little bit different to celebrate my birthday, I remembered hearing about a place, which takes you ‘down the rabbit hole’ and into an eccentric bar, … Continue reading

10 Weird and Wonderful Things I Learnt Whilst Travelling in India


As I’m sure you’ve already heard (or experienced yourself), India is a weird and wonderful place. From the myriad of cows and monkeys, which roam the streets and shops (yes shops) to the manic means of transport that swerve/lurch/weave down every road, India … Continue reading


excited meme2

The countdown on my blog has some how managed to whirl its way all the way down to four months until I leave on my one-way trip of a lifetime… FOUR MEASLY MONTHS!! Therefore, I thought it was probably about time … Continue reading

You’re Never too Old to Backpack [Guest Post]

Mud cover

Over the Christmas and New Year period of 2013/14, my Mum and I embarked upon a three week backpacking adventure through India. From the eye-opening burning ghats of Varanasi to the peaceful backwaters of Kerala, we travelled by bus, train, boat, … Continue reading

French Toast and Bottomless Bellinis at B&H, London


After a fabulously flamboyant morning of watching the Gay Pride Parade march through Oxford Street in all its extravagant glory, we headed for, what I have come to coin, ‘linner’ (lunch/dinner).    I had been enticed by Bourne and Hollingsworth’s brunch, … Continue reading